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When you walk into our store you'll realize that we offer much more than a regular convenience store. Not only do we carry grocery staples, camping gear, fishing bait, gifts, local products and freshly made foods and snacks, but we also showcase many antiques and local historical pieces & photographs. Come take a trip back in time while you shop!

Fort Steele Resort & RV Park is also an Esso fuel station offering Synergy™ Fuels and propane refills for your convenience. We carry all three grades of TOP TIER gasoline; Regular, Extra and Synergy Supreme™* (*ethanol-free), plus Diesel Efficient™ fuel.


Since Esso is now a PC Optimum partner, you are able to earn PC Optimum Points or Esso Extra Points not only on fuel, but also on most in-store purchases, including gifts.

And no matter how you want to pay we've got you covered since we accept

cash, Interac, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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Canadian Ice Cream is in for the season. We have Regular cones and Waffle cones.

Also try our Floats!

See in-store for details


Food & Snacks

In addition to regular convenience store items such as chips and chocolate bars,

we offer a great selection of food items and specialty treats.

Sausage Rolls
Beef sausage rolls or veggie rolls baked in-store daily.
Fresh Sandwiches
Our famously delicious sandwiches, made fresh in-store daily !
Fresh Hot Coffee
Hot coffee made fresh in-store everyday. Flavoured coffees & hot chocolate also available.
Our famous fresh hot popcorn! Made in-store daily.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate chip and white chocolate chip macadamia cookies baked in-store daily.
Loaf Cake Slices
We carry Banana Bread and Lemon Poppy Seed sliced loaf cake.
Pepp Cheese Bread
Pepperoni sticks baked inside cheesy bread, a great on the go snack!
Cinnamon Buns
Yummy cinnamon buns always hit the spot!
Milkshakes & Smoothies
F'real milkshakes & smoothies are available in store all year-round.
Premium Ice Cream
We serve premium Canadian-made ice cream in the warmer months (late spring to early fall).
Specialty Candy
Great candies such as old-fashioned candy drops, candy sticks, cola-rola balls, ginger chews and more.
Specialty Drinks
We carry many specialty drinks like GoodDrink Iced Teas, Earp's Sarsaparilla, Bulldog Root Beer and more.
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Local & Seasonal Specialties

Local Jerky & Pepperoni
From Meat Matters: Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Pepperoni, Protein-Paks and Smokies.
Local Heirloom Flour
Local organic heirloom flours & mixes from Treasure Life Flour Mills in Creston, BC.
2 lbs, 10 lbs, and 25 lbs bags available.
All-Natural BC Honey
Dew Fresh All-Natural Honey, made in Osoyoos, BC. Light, Medium, and Dark Honey varieties.

Bee Pollen and Honeycomb also available.
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Gifts & Souvenirs

T-Shirts & Apparel
Come see our huge collection of classic and witty t-shirts. We also have jackets, hats, onesies, Lazy One pyjamas and more.
Souvenir Mugs & Glasses
We carry many funny or classic souvenir mugs and glasses designed to showcase Canadian culture.
We have a wide selection of fireworks, firecrackers and smoke bombs.
Replica Guns & Rifles
We carry a large selection of replica guns, rifles, and knives from the old west and other time periods.
LUG Bags
Come shop our selection of LUG bags and accessories.
We stock a wide variety of jewelry and gems. Great as gifts or for yourself.
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Gold Prospecting

Gold Pans
We have a wide selection of panning kits and gold pans of different sizes.

For all your prospecting needs.
Sluice Boxes
We sell sluice boxes; for those who have gold claims!
Prospecting Tools
We carry many necessary tools to help you in your gold panning efforts.

Including metal detectors, magnifying glasses, magnets and more.
Real Gold
We sell real local gold and cans of dirt guaranteed to contain gold. Find your own gold!

Straight from the Nip'n Tuck Gold Mine.
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