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Store & CENTEX Fuel Station

When you walk into our store you'll realize that we offer much more than a regular convenience store. Not only do we carry grocery staples, camping gear, fishing bait, gifts, local products and freshly made foods and snacks, but we also showcase many antiques and local historical pieces & photographs. Come take a trip back in time while you shop!

Fort Steele Resort & RV Park is also a Centex station offering high quality fuels and propane refills for your convenience. We carry all three grades of gasoline: Regular (87)Mid-grade (89) and Premium (91), plus Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, all featuring AdvanceShield Fuel Technology


Since we are a Centex, you are able to earn CashBack Rewards not only

on fuel, but also on many in-store convenience items.

And no matter how you want to pay we've got you covered since we accept

cash, Interac, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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Current Promotions




sweaters & jackets too!

New Stock & Designs!

New t-shirts and long sleeve shirts from Southern Grace Clothing and more!

See in-store for details


Food & Snacks

In addition to regular convenience store items such as chips and chocolate bars,

we offer a great selection of food items and specialty treats.

Local & Seasonal Specialties


Gifts & Souvenirs


Gold Prospecting

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